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COVID-19 Isolation day 3

It’s been THREE school days of having the minion home. THREE days ago we were only at 4,598 something of infected people, today we are at 8,000ish.

My county hasn’t placed a curfew or asked business to close. People are still coming to get their hair done because – priorities I guess. There is no TP, Clorox bleach, and everything is 2 per person now. I’m a little paranoid because it’s just the minion and I. Everyone else has a boyfriend, family or even a husband to keep them in check. There is no Tylenol at the stores either.

So far the minion has been practicing tracing letters, counting and suddenly developed his vocabulary. I’m trying to think of things to keep me sane, keep him entertain and keep him on track with school work. I keep hearing we are going to go in lockdown soon, but I don’t know what they are waiting for.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and let’s share stories to keep us sane!

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Oh Corona!

I live in the D. C. Area, northern Virginia to be more specific, which should just be D. C. altogether. When I started drafting this post, there were only around 3 cases. Today, we are up to 33, schools are closed until April 10th.


For the past few days, thanks to help of my mom, I have been able to stock up on some items. Only two small packs of toilet paper (I mean it’s only the minion and I) some drinks, water and food. However, I found myself having a panic attack last night. Woke up around 1am, thoughts of what if I was to get the virus, where would my minion go? Or what if the minion gets it, or even worse- my mom (she has lupus) then I started thinking other things and all because I was reading article after article about the virus, post after post about Italy at 1am…never do that.

Today, I can’t recall exactly how many times I have washed my hands, freaked out about grabbing door handles, even going near my car. I’m paranoid, and I wonder, is it the virus? Not exactly, but the virus is bringing out my vulnerability. It’s just me and my minion, I’m worried about us as I realize we really have no place to run to. I have no other adult to talk to, but also I need to be careful because I am all he’s got.

I pray that things get better soon, and please check on your elderly/sick neighbors and friends to make sure they are ok and have everything they need. Don’t be greedy and share that damn toilet paper, you hoarder!

Let’s keep the humor to stay sane and away from news/articles.

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This isn’t a post about my minion, it’s about about me. I’m mentally and physically drained. I work in the hair industry, that means some days I don’t get to sit down until I’m in my car ready to head home.

As fun as it is being the minion’s mommy, it’s also full of worries… every 28th I worry about our rent, every day I worry about who can pick up the minion for me after school, and if it’s my mom I get pánico attacks because he needs to be out of her house by a certain time (that’s a story for another day, and we’ll need a bottle of wine for that) my body is taking a toll on all of it. Yesterday, I couldn’t bend over or move if I laid on the couch. Today, I was a bit better, still worrying about rent, the minion’s progress at school and work.

Still, I manage to get groceries with the help of my mom, gave the minion a bath and all the minion said was “mommy I love you” and that’s all I need to keep my mind from going mad and continue to pull through the pain of my body, literally, because I am all he has and I’m trying my best.

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The Blue Pants

I’m sure we all have a favorite piece of clothing, like a sweater or an accessory. My minion has a like for pants that are dark, black and navy blue to be more specific. He absolutely hates jeans, I can’t comprehend that.

Well…he has become attached to this particular pair of sweats. . . He refuses to wear any other pair of pants. I don’t exactly know if at six years old you can hold a sentimental value to things. These sweats were a gift from a step-cousin of mine who resides back home. Any who, they are dark blue, almost black. They also have a red converse shoe on the left size (it has a matching jacket) and everyday, this is all he wants to wear.

The minion with the famous blue pants.

I have tried hiding such pants, even leaving it at my mom’s (which is useless, she gave them back to him) this morning I thought I had a plan…until it was almost time to leave the house, “MOMM…MMYYY..where is my pants?!” suddenly I had a demon child destroying the laundry basket looking for his pants.. he found a different pair and changed. All while I’m just standing there wondering why are those pants so special? Was I ever like this as a child? Is this just a phase? At least it’s the pants and not the boxers, right?

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The Birthday…

I have never thrown a birthday party for my son. No, he didn’t have a first birthday party. My reasoning? How is a baby going to remember or enjoy it? Of course my family didn’t take it well, it’s tradition to throw a big first birthday party. Not me, I’m anything but traditional on somethings.

This year was going to be it. Joey was going to have his birthday party! Also because he wouldn’t stop asking for a birthday at ChuckECheese’s with Batman. As soon as I realized his birthday was two days away, yes, TWO days. I quickly grabbed my phone and booked. It wasn’t until the day BEFORE the party that I realized it was booked for the wrong date. Let me quickly tell you I was already at the edge of break down because a cousin’s wife and him gave me two different stories why they couldn’t make it. Whatever, do you honeys. I quickly booked it for the correct date. I had already custom ordered his cake and what could possibly go wrong at kid’s birthday?

What didn’t go wrong should be the correct question…

The day had arrived, Joey was finally going to have his birthday party! We got up early, took him to get breakfast at Starbucks, I figured I had plenty of time to get ready. WRONG! As soon as I decided to start getting ready I received a text from my cousin, her kid was sick and couldn’t make it…fine, it’s understandable. Time to get the birthday boy dressed. I had selected his favorite tan colored pants (at least they were a few days ago) his buttoned up shirt and his favorite-well his only burgundy tie. Ok, let’s give the boy a shower. If there was a casting for the remake of the exorcist in a shower, my child wins hands down! He wanted a bath, I had to forced him to at least wash his hair. My neighbors were probably thinking I had a demon home. Afterwards got even worse. I got the wrong pants. He wanted to wear his black dressed up pants that barely buttons the little belly he has, he wanted the white collar shirt that was dirty. He wasn’t going to wear what I had selected for him. I see you rolling your eyes and thinking “but you are the parent..” trust me, at this point you would just make it work just to avoid his crying and to get out of the house on time because you also have to pick up the cake.

Long story short, ChuckECheese didn’t have his name on the list, more than half the people did not show up. My best friend showed up with her kids THREE hours later, and let’s not talk about the one that showed up at 5:30! All I know is the kid had a blast, so much so I had to literally carry him out of the place in one arm while holding the bag with the many balloons on the other. Yes, I do it all on my own and that’s fine…it gets hectic but I got this…

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Hey there! Glad you have found your way here. I’m a single mom, I am a #boymom and trust me-it’s hectic, fun…but hectic! I work a full time job, I’m training to be a hairstylist, while I have panic attacks when the rent date is near and I have no idea what has happened in my wallet. Struggles are just a part of life, I am constantly dealing with things that I wish could just be a book based story but it’s not…it’s my life as a hard-working single mother of a boy that keeps me on the edge of a nervous breakdown. It will get better than this introduction, and I’m sure a mom out there will relate to us too!